Saturday, July 15, 2006

Call off the search - she's alive!

Over a month since I last posted... yikes! It was a very busy month with our business and the days just seemed to end before I knew it.

I did manage to finish a couple of pairs of socks. The Embossed Leaves socks are finished and I'm quite pleased with them. I had plenty of yarn left over and could have done another repeat on the leg, but I wasn't about to rip them back and knit them over.

I didn't bother with trying to make the socks match. I'm fine with them the way they are.

I like the smooth heel flap with the purled edges. Hopefully, it'll stand up to wear.

Finished with a star toe. Another first for me and I like the look of it. The pattern is a bit difficult to see with this yarn, but I like it.

Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Interweave Knits Winter 2005
Yarn: Austerman Step
Needles: Addi Turbo US 0 using 2 circs

I really enjoyed this pattern. It was easy enough to be a take-along project but not so easy that I got bored. The yarn is soft and springy albeit a bit splitty. I'm dubious about the aloe and jojoba benefits in the yarn but I guess I'll find out in time.

I found this in my mailbox last week:

I'm really not sure how I ended up ordering it. It must have been sleep deprivation. Yeah, that's it. I don't even remember how I came upon it. I mean, I wasn't (really!) actively looking for silk yarn but when I saw it on the Little Knits site, I was absolutely mesmerized by the colors. I finally decided on the Indian Summer and Dusk colorways and placed an order. Within 3 days I was taking it out of my mailbox. Boy, was I impressed! Sue Little shipped it out the same day I ordered it and even included a handwritten note of thanks on the receipt.

Let me tell you, this is some beautiful yarn! The colors are deep and rich and it's got that lovely silk crunch when I squeeze it. I've got them sitting right by my desk where I can ogle them on an hourly basis.

That's about all I've got time for right now. I've got a pair of finished Elfine socks and a couple of partly finished lace shawls for my next post. Oh, and a few (okay, 14) skeins of Koigu that I got on a field trip with Monica last weekend. We had a fun day!

This morning I'm going to meet my Mom's best friend, Linda, her friend Bernice and Bernice's boss, Melody, in Palm Desert. Yes, Palm Desert. In mid-July. Yahoo weather shows that it is supposed to be 119 degrees there today. Yes, I agree. I'm nuts. But, there's a good reason that we're going. We're meeting at a yarn/fabric/bead store. Enough said. I'll be taking plenty of water with me and towels to cover the black leather seats, which are inside a black car. That I'm taking to the desert in mid-July. I know, I know. I'm nuts.